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Alberta Metal Works uses Hydefinition© Plasma Cutting tools. High definition plasma offers near laser quality edge finish. Hydefinition © Plasma Cutting from Hypertherm is an extremely high quality, Laserlike cutting system at a very competitive cost compared to laser produced products…

High Definition Plasma Cutting

Material such as stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel with thicknesses up to 1-1/2″ can be cut at a fraction of the cost of laser, waterjet or other cutting methods. Plasma cut slots and tight tolerance interior details are no longer a problem. High definition plasma blanks are even ideal for parts that require extensive secondary machining operations.

High definition plasma cutting has several distinct advantages over conventional plasma cutting:

  • Excellent edge quality ( ISO Range 3 edges )
  • Reduced dross formation
  • Permanent etch marking for identification, forming lines or secondary operation layout and assembly information

High Definition plasma provides a superior quality cut on carbon, aluminum and stainless steel plate. Increased cutting speeds reduce turnaround time. Another benefit of high definition plasma is even tighter tolerances. Tolerances of +/- .005 are possible.

Alberta Metal works uses a cutting edge Hypertherm High Definition Plasma System, capable of cutting mild steel up to 1 ½”, and aluminum/stainless up to 1”.

Offering Complete CAD/CAM capabilities:
E-mail your .dwg file, .dxf file, or IGES file, fax us your sketch or mail your inquiry…We’ll do the rest!

Plasma Etching

In addition to plasma cutting, we also can offer plasma etching. This will provide a very light outline of fold marks, weld lines, part numbers, hole centres and any other markings that will improve the speed of fabrication once parts arrive at your shop.


CNC Braking

Additionally, the Alberta Metal Works Press Brake facility provides bending for all your project needs.

Our Durma press brake is 12 feet long and has a capacity of 246 tons. Our machine has full 6 axis CNC control. Using Durma Laser hardened tooling allows us to get highly repeatable, quality bend. This machine is ideal for most CNC bending.

Steel Stock Range

We carry Steel Plate in a range of material grades and thickness to reduce your lead times.

Many of the common grades are stocked by us and we have fast access to many other grades through our network of suppliers.


CNC Braking

Furthermore, using Heavy Duty Industrial Pearson Braking systems we have the ability to bend material up to 1 inch in thickness.


Value Added Services

Through our network of qualified suppliers, we offer a wide range of services. We can give our customers the quality they want at the price they want. Our quality control system extends to our suppliers regardless of their operation.

  • 3 –D  SolidWorks Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Electrical Panel assembly
  • Automation
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Custom Sawing
  • Machining/Lathe work
  • Welding
  • Finishing – media blasting etc.
  • Painting/Powder Coating
  • Assembly of Components